Why a Madonna for LGBT+ Faithful?

Why a Madonna for LGBT+ Faithful?

The Madonna of LGBT+ Believers was born thanks to the inspiration of a simple faithful devoted to the Mother of God.

In history, the Madonna is the most represented woman in the world. Although she was always and only one, she was portrayed in many ways. Names of places, actions, orders, trades and deeds of her are referred to her. For example, Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal, Our Lady of Grace, Our Lady of the Carmelites, Our Lady of Sailors, Our Lady of Grace. Even a Madonna della Carbonara that has nothing to do with the recipe. It was inevitable that there was also a Madonna for the millions LGBT+ Christian faithful in the world.

The MAdonna LGBT+ is an image that represents Our Lady of the Mantle in a pop art style, with eight members of the LGBT+ community intent on praying on their knees with their hands folded. Clockwise a drag queen, a daddy, a trans, a lesbian, a musclebear, an otter, a twink, a bear. In the picture there are all ethnicities Black, Asian, White, Latino, Arab.

Sacred images have always been an aid for prayer as the cathechism of the catholic church teach.

A Madonna because we know her virtues, her love for all believers,, with her to better know her son Jesus Christ.

The image is an invitation to daily prayer with Mary. An Ave Maria or the rosary with the fifteen mysteries, novenas and many others according to everyone's possibilities.

LGBT+ Catholics can be estimated between 40 and 140 millions people depending on your method to calculate it.

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