Explantation of the image of Our Lady of the Faithful LGBT+

Explantation of the image of Our Lady of the Faithful LGBT+

Made by a Filipino artist using the traditional pattern of the Madonna del Manto.

Our Lady opens her precious mantle to believers to find help, refuge and consolation.

At her feet kneel in prayer a group of LGBT+ believers.

Clockwise a drag queen, a daddy, a* trans, a lesbian, a musclebear, an otter, a twink and a bear.

Each character also represents a different race, incorporating all the differences present in the world: Blacks, Asians, Arabs, Mixt and Whites.

Around them a rose garden, symbol par excellence of Mary and an invitation to daily prayer, among the most practiced Marian devotions is the recitation of the rosary.

At the top around the face of the Madonna with a sweet gaze turned towards them, she expresses all her benevolence towards the people of God. The short rays represent the unsolicited graces while the long ones the graces obtained with her intercession.

On the sides the prayer of the Memorare work of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux among the best known.

On the mantle of the Madonna we find a star. As sailors use the stars to return to port, Mary is the guide of the safest way to get to Jesus Christ, her son and God on earth.

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